Admission and Induction

Admission Arrangements

At Belton C of E Primary School we follow the local authority admissions criteria and applications for places at our school are managed by Leicestershire County Council; the school does not deal with places directly. 

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Appeals for a Primary School place must be made through the Leicestershire Local Authority website.

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Appeal for a Primary School place link - LCC



Our induction programme for our new Foundation Stage children is handled very carefully and gradually aiming for a seamless transition from home/pre-school feeder setting to full time school. We hold pre-school play visits to school each week after half term in the summer term to familiarise the children with their new setting. We hold an information evening for parents where induction packs are given out which provide information about what happens in school and includes forms for parents to complete and sign.

New children start school, after the summer holidays shortly after the beginning of term and start part time to begin with a move to full time very quickly in the first two weeks.

We have very close links between the school and the local playgroup and also have links with other pre-school feeder settings as the majority of our children attend a pre-school before they start school.  In the summer term prior to admission you and your child are invited to attend two pre-school introductory sessions to meet the rest of the class and staff.

We find that new children settle very quickly at our school; we encourage independence from the start but are also mindful that some need a little more time to get used to routines. Those children, who join us part way through the year may start school on an agreed date which is negotiated with the school. Some children join us at the end of the summer term and we ask them to attend on the nominated induction days when all children move to their new classes. Those children who may join us part way through the year are welcome to have an induction day which should be negotiated with the school.

The curriculum is organised into Key Stages which is then split into ‘years’ the stage/years correspond to the following ages:-

Foundation Stage Foundation/Reception/4+ (age 4 to 5)

Key Stage One (Infants) Year 1 (age 5 to 6) Year 2 (age 6 to 7)

Key Stage Two (Juniors) Year 3 (age 7 to 8) Year 4 (age 8 to 9) Year 5 (age 9 to 10) and Year 6 (age 10 to 11) 

At this transition point, all pupils will have opportunities to visit the schools and meet staff.  Teachers will liaise very closely to prepare pupils and parents for this stage of their education.  In the year prior to transfer, senior staff from the high schools will hold Parents Evenings and Open Evenings.  Our Special Needs Co-Ordinator will meet with the secondary school's SENCO to discuss the needs of the children on the Special Educational Needs register.  Every effort will be made to ensure that the transfer is smooth and beneficial to your child.

We have an official pupil admission limit of 15 children per year group.

Our classes are:-

Happy Hedgehogs - Foundation Stage/Reception/4+ (age 4 to 5)

Fantastic Foxes - Year 1 (age 5 to 6) Year 2 (age 6 to 7) 

Super Squirrels - Year 3 (age 7 to 8) Year 4 (age 8 to 9)

Brilliant Badgers -  Year 5 (age 9 to 10) Year 6 (age 10 to 11)

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