International Schools Award

As part of our International Schools work we invited the parents to come along and have a traditional French breakfast, where they were encouraged to order in French. They then took part in a French lesson or activity in their child's class. Merci for getting involved parents.
As part of our International School's Award we undertake projects with school's in a range of foreign countries from Uganda to France, Italy to Bangladesh.
Come and see some of the work we have done together.
We wrote a recipe book which we have sent to our partner schools. 
We enjoyed a dance extravaganza with our partner school - where they showed us some traditional dances to us singing some English songs we knew. This was shared with the Badgers class as well as the rest of the school in assembly.
Mrs Yendall showed us some of the work sent by the partner school and we spoke about the similarities and differences between Belton and Italy. We even learnt some Italian - Buongiorno, Grazie.
We have learnt about our new partner school through videos they have sent. We have sent them a recipe book and they have sent us posters to introduce ourselves. In our French lessons we have had a go at playing the French games they have sent us and we are going to teach the rest of the school in September.
Our Class Travelling Bears
Each class has their own travelling companion who represents their class name. The children were asked to name the bear and design a travel bag for them to take on their holidays. 
Cyril the Squirrel
Blake the Badger
Freddie the Fox
Harry the Hedgehog
The bears are taken with the children on day trips or holidays and the children tell us about their adventures through pictures and a travel diary. You can follow their adventures here - we can't wait to see where they end up!
Track our adventures on the world map - so far we have been to Tenerife, Ibiza and Disneyland Paris!