School Council

We as school councillors try to do our best to make Belton school an even better place to be. We are chosen through an election and have to say why we want to be on the school council and why we think we would make a good school councillor and then hopefully other pupils will vote to help that wish come true.
We meet with a teacher and discuss matters that are important to us all in school. Sometimes we organise events and fund raising asking our class mates for their ideas and suggestions so we can offer them at the meetings. Sometimes we help to choose new equipment for us to use in school and are currently thinking about how we can help FOBS (Friends Of Belton School) to raise money to improve our school grounds.

Do you want to be a school councillor?

Anyone can be one. When it’s election time say why you think you would make a good school councillor and you could be considered and elected.