Wellbeing Award in Schools

Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS)


We are delighted to report that we gained this award in December 2018 following work across the school community spearheaded by the Change Team which was made up members of staff, parents, governors, our family outreach worker and a pupil member. 

This award is developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), and is intended to help schools prepare and equip themselves to promote emotional wellbeing and positive mental health across the whole-school community. NCB’s vision is an education system where good emotional wellbeing and mental health are at the heart of the culture and ethos of all schools, so that pupils, with the support of their teachers, can build confidence and flourish.

We feel that investing in mental health and wellbeing is about building futures, focusing on the whole child and building character at a time when childhood seems under threat in terms of children under pressure through excessive testing in schools and social media. To achieve this it is vital that there is a whole-school community approach where all aspects of the school experience are harnessed to promote the emotional wellbeing and mental health of pupils and staff. It is an approach where emotional wellbeing and mental health is everybody’s business.

Gaining the award doesn't stop there, it is just the beginning of the story. This is a continuous cycle of development. We have changed the language of the whole school community and aspire that future parents in the school will be less reticent in seeking help and talking about emotional wellbeing.