Child Exploitation

What is CCE and CSE?

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) Children who are trafficked, exploited or coerced into committing crimes are victims in need of safeguarding and support. Often gangs or individuals will target very young children to hide or transport illegal material and engage in criminal activity. Often young children think they are choosing to be involved, but once in a situation, find they can not easily get out.


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Exploitative relationships are built on the child or young person's social, economic or emotional vulnerability. Children aged 12-15 years of age are most at risk of child sexual exploitation, but victims as young as 8 have been identified, particularly in relation to online concerns.


Signs of sexual abuse and grooming

  • Unhealthy or inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • Being frightened of some people, places or situations
  • Bring secretive
  • Sharp changes in mood or character
  • Having money or things they can't or won't explain
  • Physical signs of abuse, like bruises or bleeding in their genital or anal area

Further information can be found on the NSPCC website.


If you are worried your child is being exploited, please do come and ask us for help.