Working in Partnership

Working in partnership with other schools

The Be Skilled Trust

Providing for our pupils by providing for ourselves

‘From individual character and expertise comes collective strength and excellence’

In 2013, our school became part of a small Collaborative Trust with three other local primary schools. Our school, St Botolph’s Church of England, Shepshed, Long Whatton Church of England and Diseworth Church of England Primary Schools worked closely together. In 2015, we were joined by a fifth school, Oxley Primary and in 2021 we were joined by St Hardulph's School, Breedon.  In February 2023 Thorpe Acre Infant and Junior Schools, Loughborough, joined us. As eight good schools our aim is to provide for our children by providing for ourselves. Our close collaboration ever since has had a direct benefit on the staff, pupils and governors. As we receive little support from the Local Authority in terms of quality assurance and monitoring of standards, we now do this ourselves between the schools.  There is a wealth of experience and knowledge across our schools that we use to challenge each other in terms of the quality of provision for our children. We are challenged as Head teachers to talk through the school data, to show our competence in assessing performance and to offer the best of our own schools to the others in the group. Chairs of Governors too are involved in monitoring the work of the Trust and links are made with all members of the governing bodies of the schools.