St John the Baptist Church, 
We are proud of the very strong links we have with our local church and members of the local ministry team. 
Each week Rev Lauretta or a member or the church team leads an assembly in school and the assemblies are enjoyed by all the children as they usually involve some acting and a lot of audience participation!
We have a class assembly in church each month which we invite parents and carers and family members to. These are very popular and well attended. At Harvest we hold a whole school assembly in church and donate our gifts and produce to the Marlene Reid Centre who distribute the food to the local food bank. 
We also visit the church to find out more about the building when we study Christainity in RE lessons. 

Harvest Festival

Tuesday 3rd October 2017


Many thanks for all your gifts of food that were donated to the Shepshed food bank at the Harvest Festival.  Our theme of the four seasons was well received with every child taking part.  The performances included a lonely scarecrow from the Owls class to sharks swimming and a boat sailing down the aisle from the Tigers class!