Pirates Versus Mermaids

7th July 2015

Pirates versus Mermaids

Avast!    Ahoy! 

Me Hearty High School is the most distinguished pirate school on the seven seas and the trainee pirates can’t wait to graduate and become proper pirates.

There is only one problem……. none of them can swim!  If they can’t swim they will fail their ‘ARRR’ levels and then what will they do?

The answer lies with the mermaids, but the pirates do not like the mermaids and the mermaids do not like the pirates – will they ever find a way to get along?

Many thanks to Lucy Gamble for her all hard work with the children to help them put on this production. We appreciate her skills and enthusiasm and the children have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Our thanks also go to Victoria Clarke who has made the stunning costumes that you see on the actors. We are indebted to both of these talented people.  Finally we are very proud of our KS2 children who in spite of only being aged between 7 and 10 years years have made this production of Pirates Versus Mermaids a truly memorable occasion.We do hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs of this stunning production.  Thank you to Camilla Wright, our photographer.